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We know how to counter medical malpractice defenses

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2014 | Hospital Negligence

Last week on the blog we talked about some common defenses to medical malpractice claims. Familiarizing yourself with these defenses will help give you an idea of what you may be up against if you file a negligence lawsuit, but it might also highlight the complexities of the litigious nature of such claims. The good news is that you do not have to fully understand all the legalities of your case to win. By seeking the help of experienced hospital negligence attorneys you put yourself in a position where the chance of success is maximized.

The lawyers at Ford & Dean are dedicated, compassionate, experienced and aggressive when it comes to representing our clients. In addition to these qualities, we are knowledgeable about medical malpractice defenses and how to thwart them. For example, when a medical professional claims that he or she was not negligent and therefore cannot be held liable, we will assess the evidence, expert testimony and standard operating procedures to establish the standard of care. Then, utilizing evidence and the law, we will fight to show that the standard was breached.

Also, we stand up for our clients when they are accused of contributory negligence. We work hard to show that our clients followed their doctor’s orders and did not deviate in any way that contributed to their harm. This might require witness testimony and calling the client to the stand. However, those who file a medical malpractice claim need a diligent attorney who will approach this issue appropriately.

Getting involved in a legal skirmish may seem daunting. However, when you have an experienced attorney by your side you can enter the legal arena with confidence, no matter what the other side claims. We at Ford & Dean strive to be a strong ally to our clients and ultimately leave them much better off than when we first meet them.


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