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Strong legal representation needed in Florida negligence cases

We all love our elderly relatives. However, when the time comes when one realizes that he or she can no longer care for his or her elderly loved one, the difficult choice of whether or not to utilize a nursing home may become necessary. While the decision to move a loved one into an assisted living facility can certainly be a beneficial one, it can also be tragic. When we give control of our loved one’s health to nursing home staff, they do not always live up to our standards. Sadly, this can result in serious injuries and, sometimes, death.

If you have a loved one who has been injured or killed by nursing home neglect or elder abuse, you probably want justice. The attorneys at Ford & Dean can help. Our experienced and dedicated professionals know the harm that can be caused by negligent and abusive nursing home employees, and we fight to make sure they are held as accountable as possible for their actions. The best way to do this is to file an aggressive civil lawsuit.

However, the process is not always easy. In fact, a lawsuit can face difficulties immediately when plaintiffs are offered settlements and/or are confronted with expert testimony that contradicts their claims. This is where a legal professional can help. We know when a settlement is not enough and how to combat expert testimony. Additionally, we know how to utilize the law to your advantage and how to maximize your potential recovery.

No one wants to find themselves amidst a legal battle. Yet, it is often necessary when you or a loved one have been wronged and those who have harmed you or a loved one fail to make things right. When this happens, you need a dedicated and compassionate legal team by your side that will do everything possible to protect your best interests. For more information on abuse to elders, visit our nursing home abuse page.


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