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Understanding bedsores and taking legal action

On the Miami Medical Malpractice Law Blog, we recently discussed the significant number of our elderly who are subjected to nursing home neglect and abuse. Though numbers and statistics may be shocking, they don’t really give an accurate portrayal of how devastating nursing home neglect can be for unsuspecting residents.

One of the more common injuries we see is bedsores. A bedsore, also known as a pressure sore, is caused when an individual lies in one position for too long. If left untreated, these wounds can become ulcerative, causing skin to die and exposing fat, muscle, skin and even bone. Nursing home residents may find these injuries developing on contact points such as the buttocks, shoulders, head, heels, and knees. These wounds are completely avoidable, which makes it even more disheartening when one occurs.

Because bedsores can be avoided when patients or nursing home residents are exercised adequately, the presence of bedsores is strong evidence that the patient has been neglected. Nursing homes and hospitals have duties to their patients and residents to treat them according to professional standards. When they cause injury to patients and residents through neglect, they may be liable for damages.

Though you may not want to go through the legal process for fear of going to court, you should recognize that many negligence cases are settled outside of court. This might ease your stress and get you a quicker recovery, if the claim and settlement negotiations are successful. However, these matters are time sensitive. It may be prudent to consider your legal rights as soon as you are aware of any nursing home wrongdoing.

For more information, visit our South Florida Pressure Sores Lawyers page.


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