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New technology could help prevent surgery errors

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2014 | Surgical Errors

Miami’s residents are probably aware of the black box used in airplanes to record flight data and communications that is used to help investigators better understand why planes become disabled or crash. However, Floridians may not be aware that similar technology may soon be coming to a hospital near them in an attempt to reduce the number of surgery errors that cause patient harm.

The so-called surgical black box is a computer-like device that records and tracks data collected by cameras and microphones in the operating room, then analyzes that data for mistakes and gives surgeons immediate feedback. Researchers hope the device will prevent mistakes before they occur and prevent future mishaps. They hope the black box will be able to assess all aspects of an operation, including how they handle organs, stitch open wounds, and communicate with others in the operating room.

It could be years before the black box makes its way to America, as it is being tested in Canada and a few other countries first. This means that Miami’s residents will still be at risk of succumbing to surgical errors. Those who suffer harm at the hands of a negligent doctor or nurse in the operating room could be left with significant, long-term damage, including permanent disability or death. In addition to the physical harm that could be done, victims of medical malpractice could also be subjected to emotional pain and suffering and financial loss related to medical expenses and lost wages.

Fortunately, these victims have legal recourse. They can choose to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against those who harmed them in hopes of recovering their damages. By speaking with a local attorney, medical malpractice victims can learn the steps they need to take in order to have a chance at recovering the compensation they need and deserve to get back on their feet.

Source: CNN, “Surgical ‘black box’ could reduce errors,” Dr. Chethan Sathya, Aug. 22, 2014

Source: CNN, “Surgical ‘black box’ could reduce errors,” Dr. Chethan Sathya, Aug. 22, 2014


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