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Miami doctor commits medical malpractice, keeps his license

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2014 | Hospital Negligence

Many of Miami’s residents expect their nurses and doctors to go through a rigorous certification and licensing process in order to ensure health care is safe and effective. Sometimes, however, these decisions are left in the hand of a medical board that may choose to merely fine a negligent doctor rather than revoke his or her license. Such an act may put patients in danger.

A medical board recently decided to allow a Miami doctor who may have caused the death of one of his patients to keep his license. The doctor came under fire after he discovered a CT scan he ordered discovered a mass in the woman’s abdomen, but failed to inform the patient. After two years, and the malignant mass had significantly grown, the doctor finally informed the patient of her condition. A new CT scan discovered the tumor had grown on the woman’s pancreas, ultimately causing her to die from liver disease and renal failure. The doctor has also been accused of falsifying records to protect himself from litigation. Instead of revoking the doctor’s license, the medical board voted to fine him, suspend him for six months, and place him on probation.

Medical malpractice like this should not be tolerated. Even when medical oversight committees fail to hold negligent medical professionals accountable, victims and their families can seek to do so through a hospital negligence lawsuit. A Miami attorney can help these individuals assess whether or not a hospital mistake was caused by negligence and, if so, will diligently work to show that negligence caused the victim’s injuries or death.

Winning a lawsuit can be quite helpful for victims, their families and society at large. If a case is won, then a victim or his or her family may recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Additionally, these lawsuits often raise recognition of health care wrongdoing and may prevent a negligent doctor from injuring a patient in the future.

Source: The Miami Herald, “Miami doctor who falsified patient records keeps license,” Daniel Chang, Jun. 10, 2014


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