Some Floridians spend countless hours deciding where to move an elderly loved one so that he or she can be properly cared for. These individuals may visit several nursing homes, interview staff, and read reviews of each institution to help them base their decision. However, despite their best efforts to ensure their loved one is placed in a safe, nurturing environment, sometimes elderly nursing home residents are tragically subjected to neglect.

One nursing home was cited for neglect after a man was killed when the ventilator he was on stopped working. According to the lawsuit, the lone individual on duty at the time failed to help the resident when an alarm connected to ventilator sounded. Reports indicated the two alarms blared for 11 minutes before another staff member returned from break to find the victim deceased. The individual who failed to heed the warnings was found to have never received proper training in how to respond to ventilator alarms.

Losing a loved one can be devastating under any circumstances, but perhaps especially more so when the death is caused by nursing home neglect. The emotional loss itself can be debilitating, but families of those who are lost often must also deal with funeral costs and other expenses related to the incident. This can leave a family feeling cheated and mere citations against a negligent nursing home may leave them without a sense of justice.

Luckily, these families have legal recourse through the civil system. A Miami attorney can help families determine if the facts of their case, and the law, support a lawsuit. If so, then the attorney may seek out evidence of bedsores, a nursing home fall, rapid weight loss, or nursing home abuse in an attempt to show that negligence caused the victim’s death. If successful, then a family may acquire compensation for its loss and a feeling that some sort of justice has been served.

Source: The Star Tribune, “Frazee nursing home cited for neglect in death of resident,” Chris Serres, May 29, 2014