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Florida ranks low in long-term care, nursing homes may not help

A recently released study from AARP, the SCAN Foundation and the Commonwealth Fund brings bad news to Floridians. According to the study, Florida ranks 43rd out of all 50 states in long-term care services. The research focused on aspects such as quality of care, affordability of nursing homes, and support for family caregivers. These results are important as more Baby Boomers reach their later years and may not be able to afford long-term care.

Some of these elderly individuals, though, will find themselves in a nursing home in Miami or any other city throughout the state. While some may consider being able to afford nursing home care a good thing, the sad reality is that nursing home neglect is a plague in the system that is not going away any time soon. These individuals can suffer from infected bedsores, broken bones caused by a nursing home fall, rapid weight loss due to malnutrition, and any number of injuries caused by nursing home abuse.

Those who are victimized by nursing home neglect and/or abuse may be left in pain and fear. But these individuals can seek comfort, justice, financial stability, and closure in the form of a lawsuit. In southern Florida, a Miami attorney can assist by assessing the facts, presenting evidence, and engaging in legal argument and negotiations. If a settlement is reached or a judgment is rendered in the victim’s favor, than compensation may be awarded to him or her.

Though Floridians may be struggling with the long-term care of their elderly loved ones, it is important to explore all options. Though some may see nursing homes as the ideal, that may not always be the case.

Source: The Tampa Bay Times, “Florida ranks low in study of long-term care services for elderly and disabled,” Jodie Tillman, June 19, 2014


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