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Florida health technician arrested for elderly neglect

This blog often discusses nursing home neglect that leaves individuals seriously injured or dead. While many of these incidences occur in traditional nursing homes intended to care for elderly residents who are merely too old to care for themselves, these preventable mishaps also occur in other settings that are similar to a nursing home. Mental health patients, for example, often require extensive care from employees of the institution where they are placed, and they, too, are susceptible to neglect and abuse. Sadly, one such neglect incident recently took place in southern Florida, and Miami residents should take note.

A local healthcare technician has been arrested for allegedly neglecting an elderly patient at a southern Florida hospital. The patient, who suffers from schizophrenia, was forced into a room and was locked in for nearly an hour with the lights off. Reports indicate the condition caused the 62-year-old man to fall off a bed, resulting in broken ribs and a fractured back. The man also soiled himself while locked in the dark and suffered extensive bruising. The individual who was arrested did all of this against her supervisor’s orders. The investigation into the accident continues, and the victim’s family is considering filing a lawsuit.

Nursing home neglect is all too common throughout Miami, Florida, and the country. Those who suffer at the hands of negligent or abusive medical professionals may be left irreparably harmed. A nursing home fall may leave a victim disabled, rapid weight loss might leave a victim susceptible to dangerous medical conditions, and infected bedsores can be fatal.

Recovering from these injuries can be painful, time-consuming, and expensive. Victims and their families can, however, seek to ease pain and suffering and recoup financial losses by filing a negligence lawsuit. If a medical professional or institution breaches its duty of care to a patient and that breach results in injuries or death, then compensation may be awarded. In addition to helping a victim or his or her family recover financially and find comfort, it can also help bring them a sense of justice.

Source: CBS Miami, “CBS4 Exclusive: Nurse Accused Of Neglect,” Carey Codd, April 21, 2014


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