Medication can work wonders on a medical condition. It can reduce the severity of symptoms or eliminate them and, in some cases, it can even cure an ailment. However, if used improperly, medication can be just as damaging to a patient’s health as the medical condition itself. In the worst cases, medication errors can be deadly. Therefore, it is extremely important that medical professionals exercise heightened care when prescribing and administering medication.

The sad truth is that lapses in this care occur. In one recent instance, a child was given five times her prescribed dose of Abilify, used to treat her epilepsy. Even though the child’s mother confronted a nurse about her concerns upon seeing the pill, the nurse notified her that it was the same amount they had been giving the child. The medication error is alleged to have caused the child to have tremors and difficulty walking. It appears no legal action has been taken at this time.

In situations where a patient is being given medication, he or she may be his or her best advocate in the moment. By questioning medical professionals about the medication and ensuring the dosage is consistent, patients may be able to avoid being given dangerous, life-threatening dosages.

However, when a patient is injured by a medication error, a lawyer may be his or her best advocate in a civil lawsuit. A medical malpractice claim may bring a victim the compensation needed to adequately treat the injury while providing financial stability and comfort. Showing negligence, which is required to establish liability, can be difficult. Sometimes expert testimony and extensive medical and legal research is required. A Miami medical malpractice attorney may be vital in such a claim, and can provide a medication error victim with the advocacy he or she deserves while protecting his or her legal rights.

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