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Nursing home employees arrested after cameras catch neglect

Miami residents who have a family member in a nursing home may often worry about the quality of care being provided to that loved one. Though residents and their families trust that nursing homes will live up to their duty to provide a certain standard of care, these institutions sometimes breach that trust. Miamians should be aware of when this wrongdoing occurs and what they can do to try to recover their damages.

To better understand these types of situations, one need only look to one recent instance of nursing home neglect that may have left a man dead. There, hidden cameras placed in the institution after the victim’s son complained to the state Attorney General’s office, caught 10 nursing home employees failing to give the man his needed medication, conduct important tests related to his type-2 diabetes, and move him from time-to-time from his bed. The victim, who was a double-amputee with impaired cognition and partial paralysis, has since died, though it is unclear if the nursing home negligence played a role in his passing. All 10 employees caught on camera have been charged with criminal offenses, which include several felony counts.

Nursing home neglect can take many forms. Some neglect involves failing to give a patient medication or to feed him or her, while others include abuse, including physically striking a resident. Bedsores, bruising, rapid weight loss, and unexplained fear may be signs of nursing home abuse, neglect or a nursing home fall. When a victim suffers injuries at the hands of nursing home employees, then he or she should seek to take swift legal action.

Filing a personal injury or, if death results, a wrongful death lawsuit may be the best way to hold negligent nursing homes accountable for their wrongdoing while also allowing a victim or his or her family to recover for their damages. A legal professional, who possesses years of experience handling nursing home abuse and neglect cases, can help a victim or his or her family gather the best evidence available to try to establish that negligence or abuse caused the victim’s injuries or death. If a jury or a judge is convinced, then compensation may be recovered and the issue of nursing home safety may receive the increased awareness it deserves.

Source: Rochester Homepage, “10 Nursing Home Employees Charged,” Vanessa Herring, March 25, 2014


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