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Medical malpractice lawsuit filed after man’s second appendectomy

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2014 | Hospital Negligence

Many Floridians trust their doctor to the point that when a medical professional says they need an operation to remedy a condition, they readily agree without concern. Though many of these surgeries are conducted without flaw, there are others that are carried out negligently, which unnecessarily harm patients. When this happens, those injured patients should consider taking legal action against the doctor who wrongly performed the operation.

One man has done just that after a doctor who claimed to have removed the man’s appendix over a year ago apparently failed to do so. The man was recently on vacation when he was doubled over in pain. He went to the hospital and underwent what he later discovered was a second appendectomy, where his appendix was actually removed. Apparently, during the first operation, the doctor removed a yellowish mass from the patient’s abdomen, which was erroneously claimed to have been his appendix. It is not yet known what was actually removed during the first operation, but such an errant operation is grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

An errant surgery can cause serious damage. A victim may suffer a nicked organ, a wrong site surgery, a worsened medical condition, or death. Typically, recovering from these instances is not easy. A hospital negligence victim may face years of physical pain, rehabilitation, and lost income. These damages can throw an individual into a world of depression and stress, unfairly stripping him or her of a normal life.

Despite these circumstances, medical malpractice victims can find justice, comfort and closure through a successful lawsuit. If a hospital mistake can be shown to have been caused by a medical professional’s negligence, which subsequently resulted in the victim’s injuries, then compensation may be awarded to that victim. These recoveries serve to punish lazy and inattentive doctors while at the same time help victims cover their medical expenses, lost wages and ease their pain and suffering.

Source: CBS New York, “Bronxville Man Sues After Undergoing Second Appendectomy,” April 10, 2014


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