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Lawsuit filed against institution after nursing home fall

Nursing home safety should be a major concern for Miami healthcare providers. When carried out negligently, this type of medical care can leave the most vulnerable amongst us in danger. Those harmed by nursing home neglect may experience excruciating pain, immobility, a worsened medical condition, depression, and even death. Since individual’s very lives ride on the abilities of nursing homes and their staff, they should be held accountable when they make serious preventable mistakes.

Three families are trying to do so by filing a lawsuit against the nursing home that neglected their loved ones. According to the lawsuit, one resident suffered a nursing home fall but did not receive the treatment he needed for 14 hours, during which time he was in pain. The lawsuit also claims residents were left in their beds for long stretches of time without being moved, causing serious and dangerous bedsores.

This type of negligence, unfortunately, is not uncommon in the nursing home industry. Tired, inattentive, and sometimes uncaring employees fail to carry out their job duties as they promised. These shortcomings can cause a resident to suffer rapid weight loss due to malnutrition, bruising due to neglect or nursing home abuse, and infected bedsores. Sometimes the only way to put a stop to a nursing home’s wrongdoing, protect current and future residents, and recover compensation for damages is to file a lawsuit.

A legal professional can help injured Miami nursing home residents and their families in these often embroiled battles. An attorney can dig into the facts of the case to get to the truth of the matter, and then present the best legal argument in court. Sometimes a settlement can be reached beforehand, allowing the victim and his or her family to avoid court. In either case, it is often beneficial to have a strong legal advocate who will help a victim uphold his or her rights and send the message that insufficient nursing home care is intolerable.

Source: Fox 29 News, “Claims of abuse at local nursing home,” April 15, 2014


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