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Surgical flash fire causes Florida woman’s death

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2014 | Hospital Negligence

Most Miamians have heard stories of surgical, medication and nursing home errors that cause victims harm. While these are serious occurrences that should be punished accordingly, some other lesser known, bizarre accidents occur in hospitals. Yet, the oddity of these mishaps can make them just as dangerous as any other hospital mistake.

One Florida family is now coping with the loss of their loved one after such an incident. The 89-year-old victim went to the hospital to be checked for internal bleeding. It was supposed to be a rather routine operation. Yet, during her arterial biopsy, the oxygen given to the victim through her face mask mixed with electrocautery, causing what some term a “surgical flash fire.” The victim suffered burns to her face and throat, causing burns to a quarter of her body. Less than six months later, after spending agonizing time in several medical institutions and burn units, the woman died. The woman’s family has since filed a lawsuit against the hospital and doctors involved in the incident.

There is a lot that can go wrong when patients put their lives in the hands of medical professionals. Yet, this trust is necessary in order to receive adequate healthcare. But when that breach is trust and an individual is injured or killed, the victim or his or her surviving family may be left with unexpected pain, suffering and expenses.

Though these victims and their families may wish to seek on their physical and emotional recovery, a medical malpractice lawsuit may bring them financial relief while giving them a sense that justice has been attained. These lawsuits can be complicated, especially when something rare like a surgical flash fire occurs, but an experienced attorney can be crucial in bringing forth a successful case.

With sound legal counsel, these victims or their surviving families stand a chance of recovering from large institutions and medical professionals for their hospital negligence. Hopefully then these victims will be able to find the strength and comfort to move confidently forward with their lives.

Source: The Miami Herald, “LFamily sues after woman erupts in flames on hospital gurney,” Julie K. Brown, Mar. 5, 2014


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