Since doctors have years of experience and training they may make certain operations sound relatively simple. Doing this puts patients’ minds at ease, often leading them to consent to these surgeries. Yet, the sad reality remains that all operations pose risks. When a hospital mistake occurs during surgery, the patient can be left permanently disabled.

This was the case recently after a Coral Gables teen went under the knife for breast augmentation. According to the woman’s attorney, doctor’s waited an hour beyond the point at which they should have called 911. The delay appears to have caused severe brain damage, as the victim now has difficulty eating, bathing and going to the bathroom on her own. She now requires full-time care. Though the exact cause of the woman’s injury is unclear at this time, it is possible her doctors were negligent. The victim’s attorney points to the fact that the institution where the incident occurred has made false claims and had a convicted felon acting as an anesthesiologist when the accident happened.

Miami’s residents should always be aware of the risks associated with an operation so he or she can make a fully informed decision. Yet, it is nearly impossible nowadays to receive medical care without facing a chance of something going wrong. Thus, those who are injured by hospital negligence should seek to hold accountable those who have harmed them.

A medical malpractice lawsuit can play a major role in reaching this goal while also giving a victim a shot at recovering his or her damages. If a jury can be convinced that a doctor and/or hospital’s negligence caused the victim’s injuries, then he or she may be awarded compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Such a recovery will also punish those responsible, bringing the victim a sense of justice.

Source: NBC Miami, “Teen Cannot Eat or Bathe on Own Following Complications From Breast Augmentation Surgery, Coma,” Laura Rodriguez, Feb. 11, 2014