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Reports released surrounding Florida man’s nursing home death

Miami residents may have heard of an incident that occurred last December in Florida which left an elderly nursing home resident dead. The 81-year-old man went missing around 9 o’clock at night from his Delray Beach nursing home and was found dead two hours later floating in a pond on the premises. Recently released reports cite the cause of the man’s death may have been malfunctioning doors, and a surprise inspection showed inadequate monitoring of patients. According to an employee statement, an alarm on one of the facility’s doors was broken, and though supervisors were made aware of the situation before the deceased’s passing, it was never remedied.

Nursing homes are trusted with the health and well-being of many families’ loved ones. Carrying such a large responsibility, these institutions must ensure residents are adequately monitored and fed and are given proper medication and other necessary medical care. Employees who fail to perform any of these tasks, or fail to do so with reasonable care, can cause serious injury or death.

Those who are harmed by nursing home neglect should consider taking legal action against the employees who harmed them and the nursing home at which those employees work. Miami attorneys can help these victims seek to show negligence, which may be supported by demonstrating the existence of bedsores, a nursing home fall or rapid weight loss, and causation. If a jury is persuaded by a preponderance of the evidence, then the victim may be awarded compensation.

Recoverable compensation can help cover many damages. Victims may be given awards for medical expenses as well as pain and suffering. Hopefully this compensation will make the victim’s life a little more comfortable, allowing him or her to focus on recovering his or her health. Additionally, these lawsuits hold negligent nursing homes and their employees accountable for their wrongdoing, hoping forcing them and others in the field to think twice before neglecting their duties.

Source: CBS 12 News “Report Released On Drowning At Assisted Living Facility,” Al Pefley, Feb. 5, 2014


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