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Nursing home sued after resident dies from subdural hematoma

Nursing homes carry a heavy responsibility. By agreeing to provide care for the elderly, these establishments promise to have an adequate number of properly trained staff, a safe environment, and they promise to give residents the individual attention they need and deserve. While many of Miami’s nursing home live up to these standards, others do not. For this reason, it is important for Miami’s residents to be able to recognize when nursing home neglect or abuse has occurred.

Recent legal action taken against a nursing home helps illustrate signs of nursing home abuse and neglect. There, a resident died from a subdural hematoma after she fell from her wheelchair. Despite suffering a black eye, a bruise on her head, and complaining of pain, the woman was not given medical attention for nearly six weeks. An investigation of the nursing home found staff failed to control another violent resident who may have hit the victim, and the institution was also found to have given patients the wrong dosages of medications. The victim’s daughter will now arbitrate the matter with the nursing home in an attempt to recover damages.

Signs of nursing home neglect and abuse can be wide-ranging and can cause serious harm or death. For example, bedsores that go untreated can become infected and lead to amputation or death. A nursing home fall may be a sign of abuse or inattentive care, rapid weight loss may indicate malnutrition and neglect, and bruising could be a sign that nursing home employees have attacked the resident. These issues can cause long-lasting harm that forever affects a victim and his or her family members’ lives forever.

If any of these signs present themselves, victims and their families should seek legal advice. An experienced Miami attorney will aggressively seek to recover maximum compensation for the victim and his or her family to recoup losses and punish the negligent and abuse nursing home and its staff. Perhaps with a sense of justice and a little money in their pocket, a victim and his or her family can move on and find the adequate care they expect.

Source: The Greensboro News & Record, “A tragic ending to a fully lived life,” Margaret Banks, Jan. 31, 2014


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