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Miami residents should know how to spot nursing home neglect

Many of Miami’s residents have to face the difficult decision of whether to put their elderly loved one in a nursing home or not. Though the choice can be hard, knowing a loved one will be safe and properly cared for in a nursing home can make it easier. But the change can be huge for an elderly individual. After the move, things may seem to alter in the loved one’s physique and lifestyle. It is important Miami residents can tell when these changes are signs of nursing home neglect.

While many elderly individuals who are not in nursing homes self-neglect, the signs of neglect by nursing home professionals can be similar. Malnourishment, rapid and unexplained weight loss, unexplained bruising, inadequate clothing, a nursing home fall, bedsores, and improperly treated medical conditions can all be signs of neglect or elderly abuse. When they see any of these conditions, family members should be sure to ask questions of both their loved one and the home’s professional staff, thereby helping the family determine if neglect or abuse has occurred.

If it is believed that nursing home abuse or neglect has taken place, the victim and loved ones should seek legal help. By filing a lawsuit against the nursing home where the neglect occurred, the injured individual can seek to both recover damages and punish the ones who wronged him or her.

Miami residents can consult with a local nursing home neglect attorney to discuss the process. They will learn success on these types of claim depend on showing negligence and causation, and the attorney may map out how he or she can go about seeking to prove these elements. An attorney can also help negotiate pre-trial settlements or, if that is not possible, he or she can seek to recover compensation through a trial. Hopefully a successful case will allow the victim to recover compensation for his or her physical, emotional and financial harm while at the same time punishing those who have been careless with the well-being of another.

Source: Alexandria Times, “Senior Corner: Spotting Senior Neglect,” Velda Weathers, Dec. 26, 2013


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