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Lawsuit claims leaky roof led to failed kidney transplant

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2013 | Surgical Errors

When Floridians think of undergoing surgery, they may fear the human errors that could take place and leave them seriously injured. While these sad and preventable mistakes occur all too often, they are not the only way in which a medical error can harm or even kill a patient. As a recently filed lawsuit shows, even a hospital’s environment can cause treacherous conditions for patients.

In a recently filed medical malpractice lawsuit, a couple alleges a hospital’s leaky ceiling led to a failed kidney transplant. The situation arose when a wife volunteered to donate a kidney to her husband who suffered kidney failure. Once the wife’s kidney was removed from her body, a drop of liquid allegedly fell from the ceiling and landed in the basin holding the kidney.

Medical professionals vigorously attempted to rescue the kidney, but their efforts resulted in a lengthy transplant delay. By the time the kidney was transplanted into the husband, it was barely functioning. The husband remains in kidney failure and his wife now only has one kidney. The couple seeks to recover their medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages.

An individual victimized by a surgical error may be irreversibly harmed, like the individuals in this case. The physical, emotional and financial damage may be so great as to leave the individual feeling hopeless and cheated. Fortunately, those in these situations can take legal action against the doctors that erred and the hospital at which they work.

A Miami attorney experienced with surgical error cases can help a victim understand her legal options. The attorney can analyze the facts of the case, whether negligence occurred, and whether that negligence caused the victim’s injuries. If the victim decides to file a lawsuit, then the attorney can aggressively seek a favorable settlement. In the event one cannot be reached, the attorney will do his or her best to convince a judge and a jury the victim is entitled to compensation.

Source: Newsday, “Couple’s lawsuit says hospital error ruined kidney,” Delthia Ricks, Nov. 23, 2013


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