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VA hospitals just as prone to malpractice as private hospitals

Every year, thousands of brave men and women return home from serving our country. These military service members have risked their lives for their country, and they deserve certain benefits. Amongst these is medical care from Veterans’ Affairs hospitals. One may think these institutions, charged with caring for our country’s bravest, would take special precautions when treating medical conditions. Unfortunately, a new report may show otherwise, and Florida’s veterans should take note.

Medical malpractice settlements and judgments against the VA have been costly. Reports indicate $845 million have been paid out since 2003, with $98 million of that coming from last year alone. Some may wonder why so much money is being paid out, but the cases of hospital negligence are startling. In one case, an Air Force veteran died after a surgeon inadvertently punctured his heart. In another instance, a young Marine Corps veteran was paralyzed after a tooth extraction. And in another claim, an Army veteran died after doctors failed, on several occasions, to diagnose lung cancer.

Arguments have arisen as to whether VA hospitals are as safe as those in the private sector, but the argument may be moot, as all hospitals, sadly, pose preventable risks to their patients. Since most, if not all, medical malpractice is preventable one who is injured by a hospital mistake should seek to hold the hospital and the doctor who injured him accountable while also attempting to obtain compensation to make him whole again.

A Miami-based attorney can help an injured veteran bring a claim against a VA hospital that has left him seriously injured. By developing as strong a case as possible, the attorney will seek to either negotiate a settlement or to persuasively argue in front of a judge and jury. If the case succeeds, then the injured vet may obtain compensation for his injuries, which may include medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Our veterans have already risked their lives for the freedom of our country. They should not have to risk it for the sake of their own health. But when they are injured, they should seek a strong advocate that will help them fight for what they deserve.

Source: Military.com News, “Veterans’ Malpractice Claims On the Rise,” Craig Schneider, Nov. 13, 2013


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