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Bedsores pose serious danger in nursing homes

Medical professional negligence, whether it occurs in a hospital or a nursing home, can cause a wide array of serious injuries. In nursing homes, a fall can cause bruises and broken bones, malnutrition can lead to rapid weight loss, nursing home abuse can cause physical trauma including dangerous cuts, and medication errors can lead to an overdose. This nursing home neglect can even be fatal. One of the most dangerous nursing home injuries is bedsores.

Bedsores are caused when an individual’s bones cause pressure between skin and a stable surface such as a bed. These injuries often occur in nursing homes when medical personnel fail to move patients who are immobile in order to relieve the pressure. When bedsores develop, the victim could lose tissue, muscle or bone as a result. In addition, the wound could become infected which might, if improperly treated, lead to death.

An individual whom is harmed by nursing home neglect should consider filing a lawsuit against the institution for two reasons. First, a successful suit may bring compensation, which might help pay medical expenses and alleviate pain and suffering felt as a result of the neglect. Second, a lawsuit punishes errant and inattentive nursing homes and their employees. This may raise awareness of the issue and drive other nursing establishments to implement more strict safety measures to protect their residents from harm.

An experienced attorney can be valuable in the attempt to attain these goals. Nursing home neglect cases require close legal examination of the facts, witnesses, evidence, and the opposition’s argument. A Florida nursing home neglect attorney can analyze these aspects of the case and help establish a legal argument that gives the client the best possible chance of success. When one has been harmed by medical professional error an aggressive attorney can help lead the victim back to the life they deserve.

Source: Forex TV, “Neglect seen as Major Cause of Bedsores – The New Silent Killer,” Lisa Judd, Sep. 24, 2013


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