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Nursing home abuse leaves resident with bruises and broken bone

Florida residents may have a tough time choosing a nursing home. Several factors must be considered including the competency of the staff and the safety of the premises. Yet, even after a thorough analysis of all the options, even the seemingly safest nursing home can turn out to be dangerous for its residents. Staff can be overworked, undertrained, or uncaring and these lapses may lead to medication errors, improper supervision, inadequate attention, and poor nutrition. In the worst cases, nursing home staff physically abuse residents.

One institution is under investigation for nursing home abuse after a resident there was taken to the hospital with bruises and a broken bone. The incident was reported by a concerned family member and the issue was turned over to the local Sheriff’s office. Police say many of these incidences are the result of undertrained staff, which does not make the incident oaky, but instead shows nursing homes are failing to hire safe employees and to properly prepare their employees for elder care. Other than a few minor violations, the nursing home in question does not have any violations on its record, which serves to highlight that these instances can happen anywhere.

A nursing home neglect or nursing home abuse victim may have a long, difficult road to recovery. In this abuse case, the victim must spend time in the hospital to get aid for her broken bone and, that injury, coupled with bruises, may be extremely painful. Abuse victims can also become fearful of nurses and nursing homes, making life nerve-wracking. These victims must also pay for the care they receive as a result of the injuries, which can be expensive.

Bedsores, a nursing home fall, rapid weight loss, or unexplained bruising can all be signs of nursing home neglect or abuse. If any of these symptoms arise, a victim or her family members should seek legal assistance from an experienced Miami nursing home neglect attorney.

Together, the family and the attorney can assess the situation, determine legal options, and proceed with a negligence lawsuit in an attempt to recover the victim’s damages in the form of compensation. Certain elements must be established to succeed on a claim, but a dedicated attorney will fight to ensure those who wronged the victim are held accountable.

Source: WRBL News 3, “Meriwether County nursing home under investigation for physical abuse,” David Hurst, Sep. 10, 2013


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