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Nursing home closed after several instances of neglect discovered

A nursing home’s license has been revoked and the institution has been closed down after investigators uncovered several severe cases of neglect. According to reports, investigators placed hidden cameras in some patients’ rooms which captured failures to provide appropriate medical and personal care as well as failures to provide proper nutrition. Additionally, investigators found that some staff members falsified documents in an effort to make it appear that proper care was being provided to neglected patients.

Though the elderly patients housed at this institution are being aided in their search to find a new home, many may have injuries as a result of the nursing home’s neglect. Bedsores, a nursing home fall, or rapid weight loss may all be signs of neglect that can lead to a worsened state of health and serious injuries or death. For these individuals and their families, being made whole again may be just as important as finding a new, safe home.

To be made whole again, those harmed by nursing home neglect may have to recover from physical, emotional and financial damages. Physical therapy can be painful and time consuming, and it may not guarantee a full recovery. This pain and suffering can devastate an individual emotionally, making life difficult to enjoy. Attempting to heal physically and emotionally can be quite costly and the bills can pile up on unsuspecting elderly individuals.

Fortunately, these victims have an option to help them recover their damages. A negligence lawsuit against a nursing home is a fact intensive inquiry through which an experienced attorney can help a victim navigate. If negligence and causation can be proven, then compensation may be obtained. Then, victims and their families can move past their traumatic experience and get on with their normal lives as best as possible.

Source: NBC 4, “Zanesville Nursing Home Accused Of Patient Neglect; License Revoked,” Alex Mazer and Denise Yost, Jun. 6, 2013


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