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Missed diagnosis leads to delay in cancer treatment

Miami residents have a lot of faith in their doctors. This trust is reasonable since doctors spend years in extensive study and rigorous training. After this intensive grooming, doctors are expected to be able to accurately diagnose and treat illnesses. Unfortunately, all too often these medical professionals violate their patients’ trust through a failure to diagnose an illness.

One example of such a breach of trust occurred in 2008, resulting in a recently filed lawsuit. In that case, a woman went to the doctor with chest pain and a severe sore throat. After the doctor failed to diagnose anything serious, the woman returned home and began getting headaches. Her overall condition worsened.

When the woman made an appointment to see another doctor, a large lump was found in her neck that stemmed from non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The woman claims in her lawsuit that the missed diagnosis resulted in a four to five-month delay in her treatment.

An inaccurate or missed diagnose may mean the difference between life and death. Many conditions, including cancer, require prompt treatment. Any delay in treatment puts the patient at further risk of death. For this reason, doctors must be diligent in making their diagnosis.

When a patient is victimized by a missed diagnosis he may be left in a worsened condition that requires longer, more expensive medical treatment. Additionally, the patient may be unable to work which leaves his family in a financial bind. A lawsuit may help a victim obtain compensation so the best possible care can be obtained and the patient’s family is not suffocated by undeserved medical bills.

Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against doctors who have missed a diagnosis also forces medical professionals to work hard to maintain their patients’ trust. Only then will future patients rest assured their health is in the best hands.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Woman sues doctor and hospital for allegedly misdiagnosing her non-Hodgkins lymphoma,” Kyle Barnett, April 10, 2013


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