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Florida nursing home placed on watch list after neglect incident

Nursing homes carry a big responsibility by caring for the elderly who cannot care for themselves. By assuming this duty of care, these institutions promise to provide residents with proper nutrition, monitoring and medication. An error in any of these areas of care can constitute nursing home neglect, and the results may be devastating.

For this reason, the state of Florida creates a watch list, putting questionable nursing homes on notice of their mistakes. One nursing home in Volusia County has recently been added to the list. The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration discovered the nursing home failed to give a resident doctor-ordered treatment. This negligence lasted longer than a month and left the patient in pain. The Volusia institution was also cited in the past for failing to monitor one of its patients, leaving him in a hot room without air conditioning.

The occurrences at the Volusia institution are examples of nursing home neglect. Other signs of neglect include bedsores, a nursing home fall, rapid weight loss, and unexplained nursing home bruising, which can also be evidence of elder abuse.

Nursing home neglect and elder abuse is all too common and can leave a resident severely injured or dead. Those who are injured may be left with a permanent disability or a medical condition that requires long-term care. Recovering from these harms can be trying both physically and emotionally, and can take a financial toll. Fortunately, legal action can alleviate these burdens.

To succeed on a claim against a nursing home, a victim must prove the institution owed the victim a duty of care, that duty was breached, and the victim’s injuries resulted from the breach. A nursing home that fails to give one of its patients doctor-ordered care has likely satisfied these elements.

Once negligence is proven, a victim can obtain compensation for his injuries. These awards can be used to pay medical expenses and alleviate pain and suffering. Then, the victim can focus on achieving a full recovery and moving on with life.

Source: WFTV Channel 9, “Volusia nursing facility added to state’s watch list,” Mar. 7, 2013


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