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Florida nursing home resident suffers from bedsores

Nursing homes exist to take care of the elderly whose families are unable to do so themselves. These institutions are therefore expected to be safe, with patients receiving attention and supervision. Sadly, lapses in these duties of care occur. When nursing home neglect happens, victims can receive serious injuries. One such incident in Clermont is under investigation, and Miami residents should take note.

In Clermont, a health and rehabilitation center is under investigation after police were called when an elderly patient was hospitalized with bedsores on his buttocks. In addition to the third-degree ulcers, the victim’s daughter claims the institution failed to remove her father’s dentures, which resulted in mouth sores. Injuries like these can become infected and lead to severe medical conditions and, in extreme cases, death.

Bedsores, rapid weight loss, and a nursing home fall are all signs of nursing home neglect. Failing to supervise patients violates one of the main duties charged to these institutions. When these shortcomings occur and injuries result, victims can face a long, painful recovery. Additionally, emotional and financial strains can inhibit the recovery.

One who is victimized by nursing home neglect can take legal action against the institution that failed them. To succeed on such a lawsuit a victim need only establish that the institution owed the victim a duty of care, that duty was breached, and the breach resulted in injuries. Bedsores like those found in the Clermont case are typically preventable with proper monitoring. Bedsores likely result from a failure to monitor and thus support a finding of negligence.

Once a victim succeeds on a claim he can recover compensation for his damages. These awards can be used to cover medical expenses and pain and suffering. Then, the victim can obtain the care he needs and deserves, focus on his recovery, and punish the errant institution. Hopefully, then, the nursing home and its employees will take action to ensure their institution is safer for future patients.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel, “Clermont Health Rehab investigated for possible elderly neglect,” Michael Scott Davidson, Jan. 11, 2013


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