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Nursing home sued after maggots found in woman’s ear

Nursing homes are typically thought of as safe places where families can place their loved ones to receive the quality care they need and deserve. While this is the ideal goal, the sad truth is many nursing homes fail to live up to this standard. Miami residents should realize that nursing home neglect can happen in any institution, and the results can cause serious injuries or death.

A lawsuit has been filed with regards to a recent incidence of nursing home neglect after 57 maggots were found within a resident’s ear. The 90-year-old Alzheimer’s patient had been on ear-drop medication for an infection up to a week before she was taken to the hospital. The last dosage was administered the day before she was taken to the hospital, yet nobody at the nursing home noticed the maggots. The patient’s family claims the woman suffered elder abuse, severe injuries from infection, and neglect. They seek $50,000 in damages.

Nursing home neglect can cause a wide range of injuries. Bedsores, rapid weight loss, and a nursing home fall can all be signs of neglect. When a resident falls victim to these injuries, her and her family can face physical, emotional and financial turmoil. Legal action can help victims and their families obtain compensation to ease these burdens. Then, victims can get the care they need to make life normal again.

To succeed on a nursing home negligence claim the victim must prove that the institution owed the resident a duty of care, the duty was breached, and the breach caused compensable injuries. Both physical and emotional injuries can be taken under consideration.

Once successful, victims and their families can use the awards for medical expenses, physical rehabilitation and therapy, and pain and suffering. Additionally, a lawsuit can put nursing homes on notice that negligence will not be tolerated. Perhaps then institutions will take care to provide the safe living environment they promise their residents.

Source: The Chicago Tribune, “Lawsuit: Lutheran Home sued for neglect after maggots were found in patient’s ear,” Sally Ho, Dec. 6, 2012


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