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Wrong dosage of blood thinners given too often, poses risks

Almost everyone relies on medication at some point in their life. Patients, with confidence in their doctors’ abilities, generally accept prescribed medication without much thought. Miami residents should know however, that medication errors are more common than they may realize. When these errors occur, medical malpractice may result, resulting in serious injury or death.

Researchers recently found that 75 percent of patients prescribed blood thinners were given the wrong dosage. The effects of such errors can be severe. Too much blood thinner can lead to uncontrollable bleeding while not enough blood thinner can cause an increased risk in blood clots. When these blood clots form, patients face a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. Perhaps the most startling aspect of dosage problems is that they can be solved by a simple blood test. These test results allow doctors to prescribe appropriate dosages.

When a person receives the wrong medication or an inaccurate dosage, that individual could face new medical conditions, a worsened condition, serious injuries or even death. Victims of medication errors may not even know that they have been wronged until it is too late. These individuals then may have to overcome physical, emotional and financial obstacles they never expected, and do not deserve, to face.

In instances of medication errors, a lawsuit can help victims break through these obstacles. A successful medical malpractice claim may allow the victim to receive compensation for medical expenses associated with the injury, as well as pain and suffering. Then victims can then afford to receive the best care possible, so that they can hopefully have a speedy recovery.

In addition to helping victims obtain awards, a medical malpractice suit punishes errant medical professionals who fail to accurately prescribe medications. This way, future patients can feel safe in the confidence they hold in their doctor, knowing that they have nothing to fear when taking prescribed medications.

Source: Best Syndication News, “Wrong Dosage of Blood Thinning Medication given to 75 Percent of Patient,” Marsha Quinn, Nov. 6, 2012


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