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Nursing staff failure leads to baby’s death

The birth of a child is an exciting, happy time. Doctors and nurses typically provide adequate care that ensures the mother and baby’s safety. Sadly, though, lapses in judgment and avoidable accidents happen that can cause serious injury and death. Hospital negligence can leave Miami families devastated, facing a lifetime of physical and emotional pain. A recent lawsuit filed in southern Florida illustrates how hospital negligence can be tragic.

In 2009 in Collier, Florida, a first-time mother sat in the hospital with her recently delivered baby. While she was breastfeeding, the new mother requested the nursing staff take her baby away. The reasoning was simple: the mother was tired after her C-section and was still feeling the effects of painkillers. In short, she was tired and did not want to risk injury to her baby.

Tragically, medical personnel failed to respond to the mother’s request in a timely manner. The mother fell asleep and smothered her baby, killing the child. A lawsuit was filed against the hospital, claiming there was a nursing staff failure in their lax response to the mother’s request.

Medical malpractice can cause serious injuries and death. In instances of serious injuries, victims can file a claim and, once successful, obtain compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages. In the case of death, like in Collier, family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit. If successful, a wrongful death recovery can award families for mental pain and suffering, medical expenses and funeral costs.

In addition to helping families who have lost a loved one, a successful lawsuit against a hospital and its employees can help deter future negligent action. Hopefully, then, future patients will obtain treatment without fearing for their or their loved one’s safety.

Source: Marco Eagle, “Collier mom whose infant died in her hospital bed sues, alleges lax care,” Aisling Swift, Nov. 20, 2012


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