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Florida meningitis outbreak victim files lawsuit

A great number of hospital patients are placed on medication during their stay and after they leave. Not surprisingly, Miami patients take these medications without a second thought. And they should not have to second guess their doctor’s prescription. Years of training should allow doctors to avoid medication errors. Yet, incidents of prescribing the wrong medicine or defective medications still happen often enough for concern.

One need only look to the recent meningitis outbreak that has caused several deaths and sickened many more. One of those infected by the tainted medical injection is a central Florida woman. Now on anti-fungal medication, the woman has trouble keeping food down, has lost weight and is very weak. The woman has filed a lawsuit against the New England Compounding center that produced the tainted medication for negligence.

As evidenced by the meningitis outbreak, when one receives inappropriate or tainted medication, severe injuries or death can result. Victims of medication errors have to face physical recovery while also dealing with the financial burden associated with such a recovery.

Fortunately, legal action, like that recently taken by the central Florida woman, can help ease financial worries and get victims compensation for their recovery. A successful claim may allow a victim to recover compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages. These awards may give victims the money they need and deserve in order to get back to a normal life.

Those in the medical industry have a duty to treat patients in a reasonably safe manner. When incorrect or flawed medication is given to patients, then that duty of reasonable care is breached. If a victim can prove that his or her injuries resulted from this breach, recovery in a lawsuit is more likely.

Source: Central Florida News 13, “Marion County patient files lawsuit in meningitis outbreak,” Oct. 17, 2012


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