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Reports of abuse and neglect at one Florida facility

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2012 | Hospital Negligence

While it can be an unnerving event, no one should truly fear for their safety when they go to the hospital. For this reason, Miami residents expect that a hospital will provide them with the best care possible. Unfortunately, such care is not always provided and personnel may try to cover up instances of hospital negligence. Hiding incidents of medical malpractice not only hinder victim’s recovery, but also puts future patients at risk. Miami residents should be aware that cover ups like this can happen anywhere, and one such cover up has been exposed in Hardee County.

In Hardee County, a well-known neurological rehabilitation center is under fire after an investigation shed light on extreme instances of neglect and abuse. According to the investigation, some patients were beaten and instances of abuse and neglect were so extreme some patients may have died. There have been allegations of up to 477 instances of abuse and neglect at the rehabilitation center, yet the institution remains open.

Hospital neglect at the hands of an inattentive doctor or a nursing staff failure can lead to serious injury or death. If it results in a serious injury, then that could lead to a worsened condition or permanent disability that requires long-term care. These expenses and, if necessary, funeral costs can bury a victim and other family members under a mountain of debt. It is important that victims and their families are protected from this financial ruin.

A medical malpractice lawsuit is the most likely way to recover compensation for hospital neglect injuries. A successful suit allows individuals to recover compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and, if necessary, funeral costs. These awards ensure that victims receive the best care possible to help them return to a normal life.

Unfortunately, hospital negligence and medical malpractice are common occurrences. Though terrible in itself, when an incident of medical malpractice is covered up, future patients are put at risk. Through legal action, irresponsible doctors and nurses can be held accountable.

Source: NewsSun.com, “Consumer group calls for probe of Hardee facility,” July 29, 2012


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