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Lack of attention leads to nursing home neglect

Nursing home neglect is unfortunately rampant throughout Florida and the United States. Florida residents, therefore, might want to familiarize themselves with specific situations in which neglect arises so that they can know when their loved ones have been wronged.

One illustrative example popped up in Erwin, Tennessee, where a resident’s family recently sued a nursing home alleging that the home’s negligence caused injury, pain and suffering.

The resident, while under the care of a local nursing home, fell and injured his leg. Though x-rays were taken after the fall, it was not until nearly a week later when the resident’s daughter noticed he was in agonizing pain that the nursing home analyzed the x-ray and realized that the resident’s leg was broken.

In addition to failing to properly examine the x-ray, the resident’s family’s negligence suit claimed that the nursing home failed to prevent the resident from falling and did not monitor his condition after the injury. The family seeks damages to cover medical expenses, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering.

This lawsuit is not the first lawsuit filed against the nursing home this year. A separate lawsuit filed in January claims that the institution, after admitting an elderly man, failed for several months to notify his family of his deteriorating condition. The family was not notified of the elderly man’s condition until five days before his death.

These events are tragic, but unfortunately common in every state. Florida residents should therefore keep a careful eye out for neglect taking place in nursing homes. With the responsibility to take care of those who cannot care for themselves, a nursing home depriving its residents of attention is a dangerous place.

Since there is always risk when leaving loved ones in the care of another, you should be concerned if you witness bedsores, rapid weight loss, poor personal hygiene, injuries of any kind, or failure by nursing home personnel to provide notice of a resident’s changed condition.

Many conditions serve as signs of nursing home neglect and spotting these symptoms early, Florida residents can prevent further injury and hold those responsible accountable.

Source: Johnson City Press, “Lawsuit filed against Erwin Health Care Center,” Brad Hicks, March 24, 2012


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