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Nursing home neglect may have lead to woman’s death

For many of Florida’s elderly, there comes a time in their lives when either they cannot take care of themselves any longer due to their age, or their medical condition is of such a severe nature that their children or other loved ones are unable to provide the necessary care for them. At that time, the decision may be made to place the loved one in a nursing home. The family likely does not consider the risk of nursing home abuse, as they probably assume that their loved one will be well cared for in their new environment. In a recent case, a woman is claiming that nursing home neglect led to the death of her mother.

A Florida woman placed her mother into the care of Hamlin Place Rehabilitation Center because her mother was too ill to provide adequate care for her anymore. She chose Hamlin Place because of its proximity to her home. She would go to see her mother each day. She claims that her mother frequently requested to leave the center, but it wasn’t until her mother was found unresponsive by the nursing home staff and taken to the hospital that the daughter found out why. She discovered her mother was being neglected by the facility charged with her wellbeing.

After being admitted to the hospital for dehydration, the staff discovered sores all over the elderly woman’s body. The woman was suffering from bed sores on her buttocks the size of grapefruits. The daughter also claimed that the woman had a large bed sore on the back of her head.

The woman’s daughter ultimately took legal action, suing the center for nursing home neglect. Her claim is that her mother would still be alive if the nursing home had treated her humanely. Although it is unclear what caused the woman’s death, her daughter is claiming that the bed sores she suffered from led to additional health issues that contributed to her death.

The nursing home claims that the woman stayed in the hospital for 11 days, and when she returned, she had additional health issues that they treated properly. The nursing home also stated that they could not release the information concerning the woman’s bed sores.

Nursing home neglect is a grave issue that should be addressed quickly. Anyone facing this type of situation may want to seek appropriate legal counsel that will help them in understanding their rights in this situation and potentially achieve a positive outcome from a negative experience.

Source: WPTV, “Family sues Boynton nursing home after finding multiple bed sores on loved one,” Rochelle Ritchie, Sept. 13, 2011


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