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Nursing home abuse and neglect cases on the rise nationwide?

It is no secret that Florida is home to many elderly people, and stories of nursing home neglect are taken seriously here. The sad truth is nursing home abuse takes place nationwide. One of the most shocking examples of nursing home neglect comes out of Tennessee, where even the staff was appalled by the conditions.

Nursing home staff testified recently about the abominable conditions the residents were subjected to such as having to lie in their own urine and excrement until it had dried and became difficult to remove.

Earlier this year, the Tennessee Supreme Court cited testimony concerning one particular nursing home. The court’s ruling in this case is seen as a landmark for patient rights as pertains to those living in nursing homes. In the ruling, the court agreed that the estate of a woman who had died while under the care of a nursing home had the right to pursue various claims of negligence.

What may have surprised many people is that the conditions discovered at the nursing home in question were not unique or isolated. Many nursing homes were found to have serious problems, including allegations of nursing home neglect which led to health issues for several patients.

In Lebanon, Tennessee, the staff at a senior rehabilitation center did not take the proper actions concerning an 80-year-old man who had multiple alarming test results which were not reported. The man later died, allegedly because of this inaction. The nursing home facility is now facing federal penalties reaching $450,000, which they plan to appeal.

Assisted living facility neglect and abuse do not have to be tolerated. This is true for Florida residents as well as others nationwide. When we have entrusted our loved ones into the care of professionals, we expect them to be treated with respect. It’s tragic to witness the neglect that these families’ loved ones endured.

Source: The Tennessean, “Neglect of some patients has cost them their lives,” Walter F. Roche Jr., Sept. 25, 2011


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