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Florida hospital staff cited after woman’s miscarriage

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2011 | Hospital Negligence

Staff members of a Florida hospital are being cited for failure to appropriately supervise a patient after a young woman lost her twins at 13 weeks gestation. Reportedly, the young woman and her mother were left alone for so long that the second fetus was delivered in the absence of medical staff. The young woman’s mother, a registered nurse, was holding the tiny baby in her hand when the doctor finally came in. She told reporters that the doctor immediately said, “Put that down.” She then stated that the doctor took the baby from her and put it into a bucket.

The young woman issued a complaint to Florida Governor Rick Scott. Shortly thereafter, the State Agency for Health Care Administration conducted an inspection into the evening’s events. The inspector concluded that the young woman had been neglected during her emergency room ordeal and that the doctor had not only failed to intervene to stop her labor, but also neglected to monitor the diabetic woman’s blood sugar levels.

It was further concluded the hospital staff did not address the woman’s bleeding or her pain and her nurse failed to exhibit critical thinking skills when she became overwhelmed with additional patients, but did not request help. This failure to appropriately supervise a patient could very well have contributed to the woman’s miscarriage and may presumably lead to a lawsuit.

In an interview, the young woman told reporters she thinks about the loss of her two unborn children on a daily basis. She went on to state that being treated as poorly she was at the hospital was “above and beyond anything bad that you can ever think of.” People who feel they’ve been victimized by medical negligence are entitled to the pursuit of monetary damages to compensate for pain and suffering. Legal counsel in Florida may be able to provide an acceptable plan of action for people seeking justice.

Source: The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, “Neglect compounded anguish of miscarriage at Sarasota Memorial,” Barbara Peters Smith, Aug. 28, 2011


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