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Beware of poor dental hygiene in nursing homes

When looking for signs of nursing home neglect, it's easy to focus on the big issues and miss the little things. You'll look for bedsores or unexplained bruises, for example, or you'll keep an eye out for mood changes. These things are very important, but some experts warn that you should also look out for the little things, like poor dental hygiene. These issues can lower a person's quality of life and may even lead you to larger problems.

For example, one woman told her story, saying her father lived in a nursing home. He had dementia, so he couldn't do everything for himself. After a few months, she noticed that his toothbrush looked unused. It's not just that it looked like he'd missed a day, but that it was covered in dust.

Medical Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment: Know the law

When you go into the hospital, you may decide that you want to have a Medical Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment, or MOLST order. This order tells the doctors and nurses working with you what they should do if you suffer a life-threatening condition in their care.

For some people, this order gives them a way to tell others not to resuscitate them if they go into cardiac arrest or have another serious condition develop. The doctors and nurses should be aware of the order and follow the instructions of the order, even if they believe that the patient could be saved.

Red flags you should look for when choosing a care facility

One of the hardest decisions you and your loved will ever have to make is choosing the right assisted living facility. There is no shortage of Florida nursing homes for you to choose from. But the wrong one can have serious consequences for your loved one's health.

To ensure your relative receives the quality of care he or she requires, you should learn to recognize the signs of a bad care facility.

Plea deal means former nurse isn't on sex offender registry

A 49-year-old man accused of committing a lewd act on a disabled patient will not spend any time in jail and will not have to register on the Florida Sex Offender Registry. The man was originally charged with lewd and lascivious molestation upon a disabled person, but pleaded no contest to committing an unnatural and lascivious act and battery -- both misdemeanor charges.

According to court record, the 49-year-old defendant groped the 55-year-old woman, tried undressing her and performed a sex act on himself. The woman had been admitted to the hospital for a mental evaluation. The court records said that the woman was "under severe mental and physical disability and therefore she was an extremely vulnerable patient."

Take quick action when you suspect nursing home abuse

Nursing home abuse is a serious problem for the elderly men and women who call these communities home. Sadly, there are people who obtain jobs in nursing homes just to prey on the vulnerable residents. If you have a loved one in a nursing home, you should be aware that abuse does happen so that you can take swift action if you notice signs that something is wrong.

We know that it is troubling to think that someone is mistreating someone you love. While it is easy to think that everything is perfect, those rose-colored glasses can lead to more harm than good. Be sure that you are watching for signs of abuse, such as bruises, frequent falls, inappropriate medical care, dehydration, isolation and unexplained financial transactions. All of these are signs that you need to take a closer look.

After resident dies, assisted living facility is blamed

The Alpine Adult Care Center, located in Pensacola, Florida, has been accused of negligence after a resident passed away. The warning about the assisted living facility came from the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, which said it can't admit anyone else while the investigation is going on. As a result, potential new patients have been turned away.

The report makes a number of claims, all of which are very serious. It says that the staff was inept at their jobs, that they did not do proper record-keeping and that they were negligent and allowed the patient to pass away.

Florida nurse investigated after sexual abuse accusations

Coworkers claim that a nurse in Panama City Beach performed sexual acts with more than one resident at the Provision Living nursing home. He is now being investigated based on those allegations, with the Florida Department of Health carrying out the investigation. The Bay County Sheriff's Office is also involved.

According to one spokesperson, coworkers indicated that he may have acted inappropriately with female patients who were suffering from dementia. The police said that has made the investigation tough. Those with dementia may have a harder time remembering what happened or giving accurate accounts.

4 chemical restraints that are wrongfully used in nursing homes

If you were told that your loved one had been kept in physical restraints while staying at a nursing home, you would undoubtedly be upset and alarmed. If you were told that they had been chemically restrained, though, you might be unclear about what exactly had occurred. According to NPR, more than 300,000 residents in nursing homes are on antipsychotic drugs, and the drugs are often misused by staff in an attempt to calm and control seniors. The following four drugs are often used for such purposes. 

Psychological abuse risk factors for the elderly

Nursing home abuse can take many forms. While people often think of physical or even sexual abuse first, it's important to consider psychological abuse as well. This type of abuse can cause unneeded stress or emotional distress, perhaps even leading to depression and other serious issues.

While it's important to remember that anyone in a nursing home could potentially be at risk, there are some specific risk factors that could mean a loved one faces an elevated danger. These risk factors include:

3 questions to ask a loved one in a nursing home

If your loved one is in a nursing home, you want to do what you can to look out for abuse and neglect. Naturally, though, you can't be there all the time. When you visit, you may want to ask questions to see if you spot any red flags. These could include:

1. Do you feel comfortable and safe?

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